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Hygiene Logo by FFlove190 Hygiene Logo :iconfflove190:FFlove190 1 2 Nik and Lee by FFlove190 Nik and Lee :iconfflove190:FFlove190 1 9 Teh Mpreg Characters by FFlove190 Teh Mpreg Characters :iconfflove190:FFlove190 0 6 Unknown Party by FFlove190 Unknown Party :iconfflove190:FFlove190 0 0 Blue Ears by FFlove190 Blue Ears :iconfflove190:FFlove190 0 0 Zi by FFlove190 Zi :iconfflove190:FFlove190 0 0 Gaia Swoop Top by FFlove190 Gaia Swoop Top :iconfflove190:FFlove190 0 0
A Performance
As one, we beat
A heart, we grow
An image, repeat
The song we show
Lifting an arc,
Balance jumbled
Thus we embark,
Save the crumbled.
Now from the front,
The song ensues
Strong the do daunt,
Others removed.
Now from the back,
Their sound silent
Little impact
By our tyrant.
Our true leader,
Immune to it.-
She, our keeper,
Chaos inflict.
Yet as we fall,
Soft we become.
Slowly we stall,
The moment shun.
Down fall hands,
Now we arise
She reprimands
No one surprise.
At once, over
Applause it comes
This endeavor,
Smiles it funds.
Now victory,
Timed history.
Violas smirk,
Bass does lumber
It was their work –
Cellos slumber.
Time now to rest.
Joined as one, best.
:iconfflove190:FFlove190 0 3
As We Are
Blood, so sadly it weeps,
Spilling from the heart.
So loudly it speaks:
Inside we lay dark.
Shadows, so tightly bound,
Blinding the eyes.
So gently creeps the sound:
Within we despise.
Tears, so softly wept
Falling to the earth.
So easily we accept:
The truth is dearth.
Silence, so deafening it booms,
As final emptiness resounds.
So pernicious it looms:
Death becomes as life endows.
:iconfflove190:FFlove190 1 6
And there's an avi by FFlove190 And there's an avi :iconfflove190:FFlove190 0 0
Emptiness, it rings
Clasp dear the glowing sapphire;
Listen now, the shadow sings
Reach out to the starlit fire.
Pernicious looms the sunset,
Bringing loneliness to the skies
Stars of coruscation wrought to fret
For their illume shadow thus denies.
Surrounded by the darkness
With only this dying guide
An omnipresence of nothingness
Nowhere left to hide.
Death left to linger,
Skulking ever closer
Follow only the shaking finger,
Sapphire of the composer.
:iconfflove190:FFlove190 0 0
I am the protector –
‘tis my duty and my destiny,
A fate I have accepted when even my shield tore
And blood bathed the lands red about me.
Innocence is desecrated
And I cannot avert gold eyes
As all is accepted as if fated
When even purity dies.
My blades reach countless enemies,
Parrying and striking them down
Whilst still keeping back these horrendous calamities
So that true solace may be found.
Yet sometimes my blades falter
And all cannot be saved,
But I keep my shield upon in even blood-drenched water
To give all the sanctuary craved.
Though praise was rarely graced upon me,
I swear still to protect the people all.
And though I may not be revered in the eyes of all who see,
I would never allow mine own to be clouded by that egotistical shawl.
Time and time once more and again,
I raise blades to malformed creatures,
In my hands are woven spells of fire enflamed rain
To annihilate that which tortures.
True, I am no warrior,
No hero or brave of heart.
Yet, my destiny t
:iconfflove190:FFlove190 0 0
Mature content
Wandering Spirit :: Nightmare :iconfflove190:FFlove190 0 0
Those of the Order by FFlove190 Those of the Order :iconfflove190:FFlove190 0 0 Dirty Hand... by FFlove190 Dirty Hand... :iconfflove190:FFlove190 1 0
A Last Request
Hidden shadows of the moon,
Revealing all events too soon,
With eyes of death and skin of white
The reaper glows with pernicious might.
Yet, hark, in the distance, 'tis the luminescence.
The illume, the moon, can ye not feel his presence?
A gaze of gold, soft and gentle, and form as frail as snow,
There stands the savior in an ethereal glow.
The reaper makes no move, watching the savior's form,
Their eyes so thusly meet, and suddenly they were torn.
Light and Dark, the salvation and disgrace,
These opposing forces suddenly misplaced.
For as the eyes of red met gold,
Only few could say what they told.
These forms, these two, so different yet alike,
Immortal and unliving, their gazes were spiked.
And soon, the Scythe of Death lowered itself to the moonlight,
Followed soon by the Swords of Salvation in this new fight.
Daemonic eyes glowered into those of the savior,
Though troubled was not the golden gaze by this behavior.
Yet, unprepared, the reaper's scythe spindled away,
Leaving the im
:iconfflove190:FFlove190 2 3

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United States
I do stuff. Pretty badly. I don't have lots of money for fancy things and my scanner always breaks, so I usually only share my writing.

I have a bunch of really old crap on this DA. I know when I see crap I take it as a challenge to draw something better. Go for it.

Of course, I haven't done much but really random squiggles here and there but still, LIVING BREATHING ACTIVATED!

That, and I have uber writer's block, so scanner = amazing awesomeness to scan and post randomness I've been staring at for faarrr too long.



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Just next time don't run out on the party.. even if you were bored senseless. I didn't know what to do. If I had choice I'd have done anything that wasn't as boring as it was, but c'mon. You know the random humor was funny.

What would you rename yourself?

Ach'medd. (laughs cream soda out nose)

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